I have a long list of kit available for hire at a moments notice, all of with can be tailored to fit your production.

All radio mics are licensed for use in the UK (on channel 38)

Here are a few examples of kit setups

Standard PSC kit Includes

    • Mixer
    • Boom
    • 2 x Radio Mics
    • 2 x lav mics
    • Boom Pole
    • Headphones
    • NP1 Batteries & Charger
    • Lots of useful bits and bobs

Dual System & Multitrack

    • Sound Devices 664 or 633 recorder (12 track isos and/or stereo wavs with timecode stamps)
    • Timecode Buddy RX/TX with Wifi send (per camera)
    • Boom Mic
    • Radio mics (as per spec)
    • Sanken Cos 11 lav mics
    • Boom pole
    • NP1 batteries and charger
    • Sound Report
    • Directors listening kit/IEM

Standard Commercial Kit

    • Sound Devices Multitrack Recorder
    • Sound Devices CL12 Mixer
    • 4 Wisycom wideband radio mics
    • Assortment of Shoeps boom mics
    • 4 Senheisser IEMs/headsets
    • Boom pole
    • Rechargeable Battery systems
    • Custom Soundcart with dual monitors
    • Assortment of grip, carpets and other accessories
    • Full sound report delivered with rushes or as PDF
    • Portable Playback Speaker

Optional extras include timecode sync boxes for multiple cameras and digislate


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